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Irish Beach has a wide range of homes and lots for sale.  They vary from $70,000 limited ocean views to $175,000 full ocean views.  Please give us a call for further information.

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Irish Beach was originally a sheep ranch purchased in the early 1960s by Bill Moores, Sr., a lumberman from Ukiah, CA. His ambition was to establish a second home development on the coast, reminiscent of his early life enjoyment of the Oregon Coast at Gearheart and Cannon Beach. Over the years, Irish Beach has become not only a second home development but also the permanent residence for many families leaving the pressured environments of more urban areas.

Grassy Northern California clifftop overlooking the ocean

Today there are still over a hundred lots for sale, owned by the original corporation and various individuals. In addition, there are larger parcels ranging from four acres to one hundred acres. Values reflect views and other site attributes as well as any limitations and restrictions. The most common limitation is the accommodation for septic leach fields, occasionally restricting the size of the home to two bedrooms.

Road running near grassy plot of land

Home designs are subject to CC&Rs and architectural committee review. The committee is appointed by the Irish Beach Improvement Club, a voluntary homeowners association that maintains picnic grounds and access roads, including the road down to and up from the beach. To join the Irish Beach Improvement Club, members pay a one-time-only initiation fee of $150 and annual membership dues of $200. Those whose homes are being used as vacation rentals will be asked to pay a surcharge of $75.

Aerial view of small neighborhood with small pond in center.

Irish Beach lots average 1/3 acre but go up to 4 acres. Water, fire protection and septic tank maintenance districts are run by the Irish Beach Water District which is run by its local Board of Directors. The telephone is provided by SBC and electricity by PG&E.

Grassy Northern California clifftop with a few homes overlooking the ocean

Lot Prices

Lot prices range from $90,000, possible septic limitations, to $600,000. The median price for non-view lots is $110,000.

View sites (beach horizon) with no restrictions or limitations sell for $150,000. The lowest view site is $125,000 with a possible two bedroom restriction and some other limitations. It is possible to get a distant lighthouse view with a two bedroom restriction for $125,000.

Aerial view of house surrounded by grassy brown lawn with ocean in background

Panoramic ocean views without limitations sell for $175,000 to $600,000. There are a variety of sites on the west and east side of the road.

Oceanfront, acreage and some of the more dramatic parcels range from $375,000 to $1,00,000 depending on site and limitations. Acreage parcels go up to 100 acres in the forested hills behind Irish Beach.

Small Northern California neighborhood near the ocean

There are a variety of sites available in Irish Beach listed by this and other agents; some with and some without signs on them. We cooperate with all agents and will be happy to show you all of what is available in Irish Beach.

If you are interested in a property at Irish Beach, please come in and discuss what you are looking for and I’ll find the site that fits your needs and pocketbook.

Small Northern California neighborhood near the ocean